Wild. Passionate. Free

“We are all meant to be wild and independent and free, our hearts filled with a ferocious passion for life”

– Brendon Burchard, The Motivation Manifesto –

You weren’t born to play small, you were born to make a difference. Let the transformation begin on a private island resort in paradise!

This is an exclusive opportunity to spend 5 nights on an idyllic and remote private island off Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu with 14 other like minded people, searching for something more! We will have the island all to ourselves to explore, kayak, snorkel, swim and immerse ourselves in nature.

This retreat is not for the faint hearted but for those who know that to grow we must take a leap outside of our comfort zone. You will return home a different person, ready to take on the world and live the life that you know you are here to live! You will feel renewed, having found your ferocious passion for life and will no longer live a life that is not free and vibrantly alive.

Sometimes it takes stepping away from all of the distractions in life, to go within and find the answers to the questions we have been asking. Walking away from technology, from being Mum, employee, husband or wife, from on-line shopping and watching tv. Sometimes it takes spending time with a group of like minded strangers to allow you to drop the mask that you wear so well and allow your authenticity to shine through.

The retreat will open with a welcome ceremony at the island Nakmal, allowing you to experience a true local custom of drinking kava and to immediately immerse you in a new experience, where we will get to know each other.

We will start our days with Ashtanga yoga on the beach, for beginners through to advanced, followed by a guided meditation while listening to the water lap the shore. This will help to detox your body and mind from the busy and stressful life you have been leading.

Over the 5 days we will immerse ourselves in the tropical blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, take a kayak trip to the Blue Hole, see turtles and dugongs and visit a nearby island. We will kayak to secluded picnic spots, have a BBQ on the beach, take guided rainforest walks, search for coconut crabs and experience relaxing massages on the beach. You can relax by the resort pool or lie in the strategically placed hammock, right between your beachfront fare (room) and the water, and read.

We will harness these experiences to let go of the deep seated stress, pressure and unconscious programming and drill down to identify what is important to you, what your values truly are and how you want to lead your life into the future. We will peel back the layers to determine what you want your legacy to be. And we will get wild. passionate. free.

All meals are provided at the private resort restaurant, where we will have fresh and healthy breakfasts, lunch and dinners, including organic beef, seafood, vegies and salad. There is alcohol to purchase from the resort bar and a tropical cocktail is included at the welcome ceremony and the closing transformation ceremony! Island staff will also pack us a picnic lunch to take with us as we venture off to explore on our kayaks or by foot. Wherever our hearts desire, we will go!

Come and join me on this transformational journey where you will reignite the magical spark to find your ferocious passion for life!

So who are Bare Soul Retreats for?

  • You haven’t had an adventure in a while and have that overwhelming urge to do something adventurous and freeing,
  • You are stressed to the point of burnout and need to stop and take care of yourself,
  • You give to everyone else and rarely make time for yourself and can feel the resentment building,
  • Your current career or job is not fulfilling you and you aren’t sure what to do next, but you know there must be something more out there for you,
  • You know you are destined for greatness in this lifetime but are a bit lost on the journey and need some directions and a map to get you there,
  • You just want more passion in your life and to find your purpose so you can leave a legacy,
  • Mumma’s who are unsure as to what they want from life after having children,
  • If your marriage or relationship has ended recently and you are looking to reconnect with yourself and reset, ready for the next phase in your life,
  • Independent women who want to holiday with other awesome women, have fun and participate in some self reflection,
  • You want to build up your self esteem and confidence and get rid of your lingering anxiety or melancholy,
  • You are feeling empty and unfulfilled and know there is something more out there for you; or
  • You just want to go on the most awesome adventure of a lifetime and push yourself outside your comfort zone!
If this sounds like you, come and join me in paradise!

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