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Bare Soul Retreats is run by me, Simone Jeavons, an organisational psychologist, 200RYT Ashtanga Yoga teacher, meditation teacher, ka huna massage therapist, healer and warrior of truth. I am mumma of 1 daughter and 1 dog, lover of life and free spirit, working to raise the vibration of the planet. I am a wild one, a game changer, who challenges the status quo and breaks down barriers wherever I go.

I believe each and every one of us is here for a reason and once we discover our purpose, our life changes. All of the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place.

I started my career as a business psychologist however very quickly realised that I didn’t fit into the 9 to 5 routine, working in a corporate environment that made no logical sense to me. In 2006 I made the choice to start my own business and haven’t looked back.

I have spent the last 11 years doing many different things! I started my own private psychology practices in Cairns and then Perth, working with women to identify their challenges, gain clarity and get rid of the anxiety and depression plaguing their lives.

I have coached women and men across Australia to assist them to find their power, passion and purpose in life, grab it with both hands and transform their lives. This has involved people leaving corporate careers to start their own successful business’s, changing careers, or gaining more self awareness to fine tune the direction of their existing career. Sometimes it just takes believing in someone and giving them the guidance to see them fly!

I have also spent the past 10 years doing strategic alignments on joint ventures, assisting organisations to identify roadblocks and then align them towards achieving common goals. I have lived and worked remotely and have never shied away from hard work. Having come from a blue collar background, I know the value of having a strong work ethic.

As time goes by, I have realised to have the most impact on people’s lives, you need to move them quickly to a place where they can drop their mask, so that you can access what is really going on, under the shiny veneer that is our carefully constructed image to the world. This is done when people leave their physical place of comfort and travel. This is why we become so creative when we travel as we step away and allow ourselves to be influenced by new experiences.

Therefore I created an experience that takes people to a space where they are away from their comfort zone. They travel to a remote location, meet new people, get back to nature, remove distractions, experience time for themselves and focus on the body, mind and breath. I assist people to move to a place where they create healthy new routines, make lifelong friendships and discover what it means to be truly alive. Then they take that experience back home with them and use it to transform the direction of their life.

I love seeing women and men free themselves from the shackles of obligation and expectation over the 5 days and focus on their needs, their wants and remind themselves of what it feels like to be wild and free. They laugh so hard it hurts, they cry a river of tears to release what has been holding them back and they truly connect with like-minded souls who support each other on this journey.

So come join me on the adventure of a lifetime!

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  • The more we look at life as a journey and less as a destination we must 'arrive' at, the more we are able to accept ourselves each step of the way. Just like a journey through the country our life has ups and downs, speed humps to be overcome and straight stretches of nothingness that go on for miles and miles. View life as a journey and each stage as simply the current view out the window of the car, which will change soon. Just ride it out #life #journey #souljourney #toughtimes #resilience #warrior #truthwarrior #simplethings #selflove #persistence #rideitout #speedhump #gratitude #time #recovery #baresoul #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #patience #perth
  • This is what we will be doing in Vanuatu from 13th to 18th Feb 2018. If this looks like your sort of thing, come join me for an outside your comfort zone retreat like no other! Check out the link in my bio to my website to learn all about it. regram 📷@vanuatutourism #gamechanger #retreat #vanuatu #bluehole #youcandoit #limitless #comfortzone
  • It's a beach kind of day. I need to be around the ocean to feel balanced. I must have been a mermaid in a previous life 🐬🐳🌊🏝🔮#beach #ocean #perthbeaches #balance #bluesky #whitesand #mermaid #clouds #schoolholidays #swim
  • Sunset in paradise. #sunset #paradise #orangesky #palmtrees #peace #breathein #breatheout #bliss #travel #holidaytime
  • Flashback to the Great Barrier Reef. The ocean is so amazing with its healing powers. I find if I am feeling out of sorts I just head to the ocean to regain some balance and perspective. #oceanvibes #balance #greatbarrierreef #waterformysoul #starfish #fnq #sandybeach #fishing #beautifulday #cloudysky
  • Summers coming.... #lovesummer #perthbeaches #summer #beach #sandybeach #bluesky #ocean #swimming #avaandmumma #pastels #kidsofsummer #
  • Awesome day of yoga on the beach, flashback to my Coolangatta days. I miss you Queensland #yoga #yogaonthebeach #coolangatta #beachyoga #bluesky #sandybeach #ocean #nature #simplethings #lovelife
  • Can't I go back to the same place? Please? I love ❤️ Vanuatu- Espiritu Santo here we come 📷regram @airvanuatu #travelbug #vanuatu #waterislife #islandlife #gypsy #island #diving #retreatsaremylife
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